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Mystical Challenge: Learn Tarot with the Unique Approach of Path of the Fool (Ebook)

Path of the Fool: Meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana by Michael Tsarion The Tarot Deck has been around since the dawn of human civilization. It is the forefather to our modern playing card deck, and often traced to the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. We have all seen these iconic images. The imagery is almost magnetic, and packed full of deep symbolism. Now, some of you are very experienced Tarot card readers. Most likely this practice has brought insight into your life. If you are an explorer then YOU may be interested in learning some radical new(yet ancient) ideas on the fascinating subject! For those of you, like myself, who know this is a fascinating ancient tool of divination...

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This Life is Your Special Journey, You are One of a Kind-Jewelry

Welcome to The Mystical Voyager! It's been 20 years since my first trip to India. There I fell in love with the jewelry and textiles. The rich colors, semi precious stones, and unmistakable aesthetic never left the deeper parts of my mind. Back then it was a lot more difficult to import jewelry, and I gave up on the dream. However, the world has shrunk in some wonderful ways. I am so pleased to be able to import gorgeous affordable jewelry that has the Asian flavor I adore. I look for nice stones, and fashionable designs. I like being reminded of prayer, and the sacred, even if I am just putting together an outfit for work. We strive to keep...

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Why We Love Hanging Chairs!

Here at Mystical Voyager we love great design that contributes to a lifestyle of beauty and tranquility. Perfect for reading, meditating, daydreaming and entertaining. This hanging chair is great for so many different types of rooms and lifestyle. Sturdy, handmade, stylish and affordable! We now have 4 different colors. Get 1 or more colors for your home, patio, workplace or cabin. Best wishes on YOUR Mystical Journey! MV  

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